Posted by: keankennel | March 11, 2009

Hello world!

Welcome to Keankennel’s Blog, home of the Traigmhor Pointers and Jon and Janette Kean.  The Traigmhor kennel name came as a result of a holiday on the little island of Iona where we stayed in a cottage at Traigmhor, Gaelic for the ‘big strand’. The kennel was established in 1979 with the purchase of our first Pointer from the Crookrise Kennels. During the 1980’s we made  up and bred a number of Show Champions, however after spectating at a field trial in Perthshire in 1978 we were bitten by the trialing bug and purchased our first trial bred Pointer, Ashcraig Roscoe from Marcia Clark, who at that time was training and handling Lady Jean Fforde’s Isle of Arran Pointers. 

Since those early days in Pointers, we have successfully owned or bred several FT Ch’s: FT Ch Here We Go at Traigmhor, FT Ch Isle of Arran Micha (winner of the 1989 Champion Stake), FT Ch Traigmhor Jaguar, Jaguar’s daughter FT Ch Gerensary Cherub, FT Ch Traigmhor Top Class and his litter brother FT Ch Traigmhor Top Gear. In recent years our breeding programme has been in collaboration with our great friend Richard MacNicol of the Gerensary Kennels.  We are currently campaigning two very promising young bitches Fearn Mist (FT Ch Traigmhor Top Gear x Fearn Image) and Fearn Natasha (Burncastle Jamsie Cotter x Fearn Image), both bred by the late Eppie Buist and Jim Howden. Both bitches are sired by dogs bred or owned by ourselves.

Jon is an ‘A’ panel FT judge and is also on the Kennel Club ‘A’ panel to award Challenge Certificates in the breed. He serves on the Kennel Club Field Trials Sub-Committee and has recently become an approved presenter for the new Judges Education Programme. As secretary of the Scottish Field Trials Association he is responsible for organising the Kennel Club Champion Stake for Pointers and Setters in alternate years and since 2006 has served on the Kennel Club Working Party for the Cocker Spaniel Championship, taking over as Chair of the Working Party in 2008. Janette serves on the committee of the Pointer Club of Scotland.



  1. Jon
    Great Blog site. Thought the wind up on those moors might have taken it’s toll but the picture proves you haven’t lost any of your good looks.
    Did enjoy reading about Eppie Buist, the dog world has lost a great lady. My introduction to a Pointer trial with Eppie left me with a few battle scars. I remember wondering how such a little lady could walk with three Pointers over the moor and still keep control of them without falling over. She left me with two and I fell over three times trying to hold on to them. I was at least twice her size then and am probably nearer three now. Age does not come without it’s probems. However, I am glad to see you have ditched the Just for Men.
    Good Luck with the youngsters
    All the best

  2. Hi Jon,I have just enjoyed a romp through your time in Italy ,totally fascinating,I do sometimes wonder if we are a bit insular in our information sharing with Europe so maybe youhave opened a
    door of communication and information.In this climate of “Fit for purpose”it would apear that the Europeans have a lot to share.Thankyou,
    regards, Flo

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